oo               _d#,   
MMM,   MM            oo    MM     MM                   MM             ,HMMP'   
MMMM   MM            MM    MM     MM                   MM           ,HMMMM     
MMMM|  MM    ,oo,   oMMoo  MM     MM   ,ooo      ,ooo  MM   oo,   .dMM*MMM     
MM`MH  MM   dMMMMb  #MM##  MM     MM  |MMMMM,   dMM#M| MM  dMP   ,MMH' MMM     
MM TM, MM  |MM' 9Mb  MM    MM#####MM  `'  `Mb  |MH' `' MM dMP  ,HMM?   ]MM##HMH
MM `Mb MM  MMboodMM  MM    MM"""""MM    ,ooMM  MM'     MMMMP  ?MMMH##MMMMMH*"'"
MM  HM.MM  MMH#####  MM    MM     MM  .HMH#MM  MM      MMMMb  *###"""""9MM|    
MM  |MMMM  9Mb       MM    MM     MM  HM' .MM  9M?     MM 9Mb          |MM|    
MM   MMMM  `MMbood|  MMoo  MM     MM  HMbdMMM  `MMb_d| MM `MMb          MMb    
MM   `MMM   `9MMMP'  `MMM  MM     MM  `*MM'MM   `9MMM' MM  `MMb         ?MH    

This is the website for NetHack 4. If you're looking for more information, try reading the FAQ.

The latest version of NetHack 4 is 4.3-beta2. See the release page for information or to download it.

This is also the main public server for NetHack 4. You can play online via connecting to nethack4.org via telnet. (ssh access has been disabled because it caused too many security issues.)

Resources you might be interested in:

Other projects

This site also hosts a blog which talks about NetHack and roguelike gameplay and development, and some projects tangentially related to NetHack 4:


You can contact the server admin (who also runs this website) via email (the username is ais523, and the domain name is the same as this website). I'm occasionally on IRC too, in the NetHack-related channels on irc.libera.chat.