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NetHack 4 4.3-beta2

NetHack 4 4.3-beta2 is the third release of NetHack 4, a heavily bugfixed version of 4.3-beta1 with a few extra features thrown in, too. If you don't know what NetHack or NetHack 4 is, see our FAQ. Like previous versions of NetHack 4, the focus is on keeping the gameplay much the same while improving the interface and code quality.

We still haven't finished testing this release yet, and there are some known bugs major enough to prevent this being considered anything above beta quality. However, it is a substantial step forwards over previous versions. This release should allow NetHack fans to play a much less buggy version of NetHack 4 than was previously available, and should give a good idea of what 4.3 will be like, despite the occasional bug.

This release is approximately save compatible with 4.3-beta1. It attempts to import your old saves (if any), and can reproduce what was happening with a moderately good level of fidelity. However, some bugs in 4.3-beta1 make it impossible to exactly reconstruct the state of the game. It is probably best to complete your existing games, to be sure that they won't be damaged in the transition between versions. If you choose to risk it, we recommend opening your old saves and saving explicitly with the S command before installing the new version; this will reduce the chance of things going wrong as far as possible. High score tables, logfiles, and the like are not compatible. Bones files have around the same level of compatibility that save files do.

Major improvements over 4.3-beta1 include:

For the full list of changes since NetHack 3.4.3, see the changelog.

Download NetHack 4 4.3-beta2:

You can also play on our public server for 4.3: telnet or ssh (password "nethack43").


Of course, being a beta release, not everything is perfect. The huge amount of playtesting since the previous version has uncovered numerous bugs; thanks to all our playtesters for helping us find them. However, finding lots of bugs means more bugs to fix, and we felt it was more important to release someting than it was to ensure everything was perfect. If you find a bug, or just have an idea for a feature, report it on our bug tracker. (We had to disable automated account creation due to spambots, but bug tracker accounts are available on request.)