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NetHack 4 4.3-beta1

NetHack 4 4.3-beta1 is the second release of NetHack 4, and the first to be documented on this website. If you don't know what NetHack or NetHack 4 is, see our FAQ. Like previous versions of NetHack 4, the focus is on keeping the gameplay much the same while improving the interface and code quality.

We haven't finished testing this release yet, and some relatively major bugs are suspected or known. This release is to provide an early view of what 4.3 will eventually be like, when it has been properly tested.

Major improvements over 4.2 include:

For the full list of changes since NetHack 3.4.3, see the changelog.

Download NetHack 4 4.3-beta1:

You can also play on our public server for 4.3: telnet or ssh (password "nethack43").


Of course, being a beta release, not everything is perfect; we haven't had as much chance to playtest as we want to, and some relatively serious bugs are already known. If you find a bug, or just have an idea for a feature, report it on our bug tracker.